Corporate Services Department (CSD)

The mission of the Corporate Services Department is to support the operational work of the ministry enhancing its ability to function as a best-practice, knowledge-based, lean and service-oriented public body as well as to create and sustain a pleasant and appreciative working environment.

Department of Buildings and Government Architects (DBGA)

Architects employed by government agencies perform a wide range of duties, including designing accessible and attractive public buildings, offices and warehouses.


The Divisional Engineer is responsible that proper measures are taken to preserve all the buildings and works in his division and to prevent encroachment on lands and roads in his charge.

Department of Energy (DOE)

The DOE is responsible for the development of energy policies, legislations and regulations to guide the development of energy services in Fiji and improve service delivery.

Department of Water and Sewerage (DWS)

The Unit is responsible for the regulation of water and sanitation services in Fiji, including monitoring stakeholders involved in the WASH sector, determining the quality and quantity of water consumed by rural communities and supporting rural communities to access safe, clean water.

Fiji Meteorological Services (FMS)

To observe and understand regional weather, Fiji’s climate and hydrological patterns, and provide meteorological and hydrological services in support of the well being of communities, economic growth, environmental sustainability and international obligations.