Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure is the basic systems and services that a country needs in order to function properly.  It is essential for enabling productivity in an economy.  For the Ministry, our Departments cover various aspects of Infrastructure, with a focus on accessibility and enhanced services in Electrical systems (Generation and transmission works); Water and sewer systems (Reservoirs, dams, piping works); Buildings (Construction and Maintenance); Roads (accessibility for development)

Water Sector

The Fijian Government has made relentless efforts in the last decade to ensure that all Fijians have access to both safe water and adequate sanitation services.

Energy Sector

Whether we are using fuel or electricity, Energy is vital resource to a modern Fiji.

Meteorology & Hydrology Sector

To observe and understand regional weather, Fiji’s climate and hydrological patterns, and provide meteorological and hydrological services in support of the well being of communities, economic growth, environmental sustainability and international obligations.