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Namosi Road

Minister Jone Usamate toured Namosi road on Saturday last week visiting areas affected by the recent TC Cody and heavy downpour. Minister Usamate was accompanied by team Fiji Roads Authority.

Nukutocia Quarry A Boost For Road Works On Ovalau Island

NUKUTOCIA QUARRY A BOOST FOR ROAD WORKS ON OVALAU ISLAND “Aggregate and rocks obtained from the Nukutocia Quarry has been a boost to the road and coastal upgrade works on the island. These were the sentiments from the Infrastructure Minister, Honorable Jone Usamate while visiting the Quarry site this week.“Before aggregate was sourced from the mainland and it has been a real challenge for road works on the island. “Now that we have this quarry, it has not only made work easier but it is also cost-effective.The quarry has been the main source of aggregate supply on the island.

Minister Usamate Commended Coastal Upgrade Works On Ovalau Island

Infrastructure Minister, Honorable Jone Usamate visited the coastal upgrade works by Fiji Roads Authority on the island of Ovalau while on a one day tour in the island this week. Minister Usamate commended the works carried out so far saying that this will mean better protection of the roads along the Ovalau coastline. Works had progressed well for the past weeks with 2.2km of riprap coastal protection with 400m of resheeting to date. Here, the Minister is being briefed by team Fiji Roads Authority on the coastal upgrade works at Kuvukakuvu, Ovalau Island.